Why We're Here
Southeast Baptist Church’s purpose is to Love God and Love People.  Whether you are a person that is seeking to make sense of a crazy world or a mature Christian that is looking forward to seeing Jesus face to face or somewhere in-between, we see our role in your life is to help you along your life, so that you can know Him or get to know Him better or serve Him with all you got.  We do this in four ways.
WORSHIP (Psalm 150): We want everyone to feel comfortable in a corporate worship setting, where we join our hearts and voices together in worshiping God Almighty.  We also want you to be able to worship privately.  Daily worship is essential to getting to know Jesus.
CONNECT (Hebrews 10:24-25): We desire to have you connect with us inwardly, getting to know us and letting us know you.  To walk life together, the good days and the bad as well.  But we also want to connect outwardly. There’s a great big world out there that needs help and love and we want to connect with them to let them experience God’s unconditional love.
GROW (Romans 12:2): If anything becomes static too long it dies or becomes useless.  This is especially  true of our spiritual life.  We want and expect everyone to grow in two areas.  First as a learner. All of us should be involved in a small group Bible study where we can learn the Bible and learn how to apply it to life.  But we can’t be a learner all our life—if so, we’ve become stagnate.  Not only should we let someone pour their life into ours, we should pour our life into someone else by teaching. It could be in a formal class setting or at the ball field.
SERVE (Matthew 28:19-20): It’s not enough to be served, but we need to serve. We need to serve in the church. Teach a class, serve on a leadership team, volunteer to serve in the nursery, donate money to a ministry.  But we also must serve off of church property in the world.  Serving the world might mean going on a mission trip or it might mean driving across town.

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