I'm New
We recognize it’s a pretty big deal when you try out a new church. There are lots of questions and curiosities. There is lots of information that needs to be exchanged. You’ll have your radar of important info and we’ll have ours. Well, what we would like is to answer some common questions.
So, our FAQ is a great place to start. However, if you have still got questions we did not cover, please feel free to send us an email, or call the church office at (615) 896-0940 with your questions.

What should I expect if I visit SeBC?
It’s kind of hard to say. Everyone’s experience here is a little bit different. But, all in all, it will likely be something like this:
  • You show up and someone will shake your hand and say, “Hello!”
  • If you come for Bible Study, we'll help you find an appropriate class.
  • If you come for Worship, we'll help you find your way to the Sanctuary.
  • We will sing some awesome songs of praise and worship of God.
  • We will hear a message from God’s Word.
  • You will not be singled out, but we ask that you complete a Guest Form so that we can follow up with you.
  • We do not expect our guest to give us money, but you can give if you like.
  • You’ll be treated with honor and respect as a guest at our home.
What is the preaching/teaching like?
The preaching/teaching on Sunday mornings and evenings are typically planned around series.  Our series may only last a few weeks or several months.  On Wednesday nights, we study a book of the Bible one chapter at a time.
It’s important to us that our preaching and teaching takes the content of the Bible as Truth. We want to let the Bible shape our current understanding rather than let our current understanding shape how we preach and teach the Bible.
What’s the music and worship like?
We typically have a very varied style of music – made up of both hymns and newer praise songs. We have a grand piano, keyboard, acoustic and and electric guitars, and drums. In the past we have had a violin, saxophone and other instruments as our membership have talents that they want to share in worship.  Solos, quartets and choirs frequently led us in worship.
How should I dress?
We try really hard to continually remember why we gather together: To worship God and love each other. So attire really isn't an issue. Most people come in business casual to casual clothing. Some wear business attire, but plain ol’ blue jeans fit in just fine. We just ask that you wear clothing that won't become a distraction to worship.

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